Handcrafted Log Homes

Our handcrafted log packages are hand-peeled Spruce logs with an average diameter of 14 to 16 inches. Larger or smaller wood is available as well as different species such as Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Lodgepole Pine and Standing Dead Timber upon request. All logs are always TPI graded (Timber Products Inspection) and
stamped according to the TPI Requirements.

The stringent ADK building methods utilize Scandinavia shrink fit "V" notches at the corners along with lateral scribe fit, or Swedish cope, between the wall logs and All log pieces are ground by hand while the log ends are chamfered with decorative curls cut to create a fine finish. The necessary log support beams, log floor joists and support posts are included in your package and the joists, fillers and beams are flattened and ready to accept your flooring. The oof posts, purlins and ridges are also included.

All window and door openings are cut out, key wayed and flared back, ready for the installation of your windows and doors. One set of handcrafted log stairs are provided with log hand rails and log posts (Mortise & Tenon Construction) for a traditional method of accessing your loft. Our team predrills through bolt holes at strategic locations on the corners and log walls and we provide the threaded rod, springs, washers, timber washers and nuts needed for through bolting. The interior and exterior engineered settling jacks for posts are provided where needed along with insulation and gasket material and we apply fungicide spray.

We always have an onsite Logsmith to direct your erection and, of course, Eastern Adirondack Home and Design provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty!


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